Targeted high-throughput sequencing

DNA Capture for Next Generation Sequencing

Targeted high-throughput sequencing combines febit’s proprietary HybSelect technology for sequence capture with next generation sequencing of ABIs SOLiD 3 Sequencer. This method enables targeted re-sequencing of preset genomic loci with high efficiency at very economical costs.

It is a microarray based sequence capture strategy representing an accurate method for highly automated enrichment of genomic target regions prior to sequencing on ABIs SOLiD 3 Next Generation Sequencing platform.



Federal BioRN Grant Project:

‘High-Throughput Molecular Profiling (BMC-03)’ expands the existing HybSelect-NGS platform by integration of molecular indexing (also called barcoding) of samples into the workflow, thus enabling target sequencing with much higher throughput. This advanced multiplex format is expected to improve statistics and dramatically reduce cost per sample and patient.

Aided by a federal grant, the workings of the bdc within these projects are subject to the guidelines of the German Ministry of Education and Research.