miRNA-based Biomarkers

A novel class of biomarkers

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miRNA cumulated

The fast growing number of known miRNAs allows researchers to link certain groups of miRNAs to specific cellular activities. The evaluation of biomarker sets results in more specific and meaningful information than the identification of a single miRNA as a biomarker, allowing researchers to diagnose diseases, monitor their course and tailor therapies. For comprehensive miRNA profiling, researchers need powerful analytic technologies that enable real-time analysis based on most recent miRBase sequence updates.

Comprehensive characterizations of miRNA signatures in particular require the inclusion of a maximum number of different miRNAs.

To ensure the highest specifity and/or sensitivity the bdc uses a biomarker discovery scenario with a complex set of biomarkers instead of only a single biomarker. Additionally various variables like the experimental technique, the biological source, sample handling, the bioinformatics approach, etc. are kept constant to guarantee the reproducibility and comparability of the studies.

Technologies like febits RT Analyzer used at the bdc require minimal sample amounts and make it possible to measure marker miRNAs and develop predictive miRNA signatures from limited clinical sample material, such as blood or other body fluids, FFPE samples, fresh or frozen tissue.

Federal BioRN Grant Project:

The federal grant project ‘miRNA-based Tumor Signatures (BMC-05)’ aims at identifying and validating promising miRNAs and non-coding RNAs in pancreas, prostate, glioma and gastrointestinal tumor cancers to establish the scientific basis for effective miRNA-based tumor signature array development.

Aided by a federal grant, the workings of the bdc within these projects are subject to the guidelines of the German Ministry of Education and Research.